Saturday, October 10, 2009

Defeating the final boss in Final Fantasy X

I know FFX is kinda old, coming to 4 years now. Oh well, I just started couple weeks back.

And finally, after some levelling up & customisation on the sphere grid, defeated Braska's Final Aeon without much problem, that is the last boss of the game.

Basically, teleported Tidus to end of Auron's sphere grid & given him many strength +4 so that he can do 9999 damages per hit also. Characters were armed with stone proof or stone wards to protect against Jetch's beam. Tidus casting hastega to speed up everyone's attacks. Auron & Tidus on overdrives. No chance to even unleash more funky stuffs like Yuna's Holy magic or Lulu's double casting flare or summoning Overdrive Aeons like Anima & Magus Sisters. May have a chance to use it on Omega weapons later though.

Enjoy the video.