Saturday, July 12, 2008

First purchase from US online store

First of all, all those advertisements from ISP saying a broadband internet connection will let you purchase from any online stores all over the world, forget about all those. It's just not true.

To purchase from an online US store, one needs

1, a US shipping address, because most us stores simply won't ship overseas &
2, a US issued credit card, because most us stores does not accept overseas credit card.

After searching high & low for the low power AMD 4050e around the region without success. The only last resort I have is to shop online from US.

Solution is to subscribe to VPost from Singapore Post Office, where it will issue you a shipping address in US. Next is to search for a US online vendor which will accept overseas credit card. In this case, PC Universe @ Amazon is the selected vendor. So, the purchase is via PC Unverse @ Amazon & paid with a Singapore issued credit but shipment is to a a US addressed issued to me, by VPost USA.

Order processed by Amazon on Jun 6, 08 & the merchandise arrived in Singapore on Jun 20, exactly 2 weeks later, after much hassles.

And the two 45 watts ultra low power AMD X2 4050e cpu are set to replaced two of their older siblings, the 65 watts low power AMD X2 3600+ cpu.

In case, the merchandise is only available from a US store that only accepts US issued credit card, the purchase can only be made via VPost Concierge service. User need to provide the exact url address of the US store pointing to the merchandise. The concierge service staff in US will place the order for you & arrange for shipment to delivery to their US addresses. The concierge service will accept the goods in US on client behalf & subsequently ship it to the client Singapore address. The price to pay for the concierge service is S$20 plus 5% of the price of the mechandise .