Sunday, September 07, 2008

Linux Friendly Webcam Prolink PCC 5020

As a long time linux user, I know from personal experience that, it is difficult to find a webcam that works with linux. Nevermind about the french guy who created many linux drivers for many cheap webcams, but finding one that matches his drivers is like finding a needle in a haystack, no less.

The fact that I chance upon this Prolink PCC 5020 webcam during the PC show 2008 & surprised to find it working relatively easily in linux. Here you go..

Although I got it for S$25 from the PC show, cheapest I found in Singapore's Sim Lim Square is S$42 from Laser. I got another piece of this cam from a PC shop in Ipoh, Malaysia for RM$60, which is around S$25. KL LauYatt should have this for around the same price, if not cheaper.

From Skype in linux, I see this as "Vega USB 2.0" webcam. It is enabled by the linux kernel with ubuntu 8.04 or Fedora 9. Even the onboard mic will be enabled as Vega USB 2.0 mic & can be used in Skype.

So, if you need a linux friendly webcam, this is it. I feels the resolution is slightly worse than when it's under windows... not sure if there is anything I can tweak though... to make it better. Overall, it's a sure fire in linux with acceptable image quality.

Just doing my part for community service.