Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dad & Mum's Singapore visit Feb 1~5 2006

Here is short account of mum & dad's travel in Singapore during Chinese New
Year 2006.

Feb 1, Wednesday
Went for last visit to Dr. Tan Eng Keong at Ipoh specialist hospital. Took
to the road at 11am. Pick up my friend, Lim Kee Hong at Sungai Buloh Bridge
restaurant on the high way at 1pm+. Reached Singapore around 6pm & went
straight to dinner at 10miles junction with Lim Kee Hong. Song Fish head,
deer meat & etc. Simple dinner. Send Kee Hong to MRT & back to Shen Xiong
supermarket at Ten Miles junction for shopping. Mum commented that fishes
& prawns are cheaper at Shen Xiong, but not necessarily the best around.
Reached home around 10pm. Took quite some time to unload all the stuff from
the car.

Feb 2, Thursday
Took mum to Yew Tee central for breakfast & left them there to shop at wet
market. I went home to do some office work while mum & dad shop at the wet
market. They walk home on their own. Mum even had she hair washed & bought
toto & 4D on her own. 1pm, took them to Marsiling MRT & tried the very nice
fried pork & duck. After lunch, went to Marsiling to buy more 4D for mum
cos the uncle who helped her filled up the form forgot to buy 'small' for
her. After which, I brought them to old woodland centre for some shopping.
Mum bought some cloths for Xuan Xuan & we went home for a rest. Later
afternoon, brought them to City Square at Kitchener road to see the show
flat of the condominium I bought. Then proceed across the street & bought
the return bus ticket from 88. It's dirt cheap at S$19.90 each. After that
meet up with Ah Pui at Weng Xiong & ordered steamed red garouper for
dinner. Very nice as well. After dinner just walk across the street to OG &
bought some shirt for Ah Yan, Ah Keong & a pillow for Ah Pui.

Feb 3, Friday
Mum & dad went to wet market on their own & brought back some pork ribs,
prawns & dau dai chong. At noon time, we took lunch at the hawker centre
acroos my block & take the 'sam lou hor fun'. For the first time, mum said,
'This one can come back for more.' Then we went home & took more rest.
Later afternoon, brought them to Four horses street to make prayers at the
Guan Yin temple. Made some donation at the temple & took some photographs
for them around the streets. Then we went to the four horses street hawker
centre to take some rest & mum had some 'red bean ice'. After that, we went
up to second floor to do the usual shopping for dried sea food, fish mall
& as usual, some photographs also. After which, we went back to OG & picked
up a King-size bedsheet for mum also. As the time is still early, we went to
Prinsep street to take the very famous Rochor road 'tau fu far' while waiting
for Ah Pui to finish work. While waiting we went to Sim Lim Square's basement
& bought more Toto & 4D. This time round, aiming for the 10million grand
prizes on Feb 10. After picking up Ah Pui at Little India's MRT, we went for
the MellBen Seafood Restaurant at Block 232, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (St. 22) #01-1222.
The amazing thing is that, we queued for 20 minutes before we got seated & then
waited for a total of 1hour 20minutes before food is served. The very fresh &
tasty Crap soup mee hoon is really worth the hour long waiting. It's so fresh
& tasty. We had chillie crap as well. Each crap is longer then a human head &
it's claws are so huge. Awesome Sri Langka craps indeed. Reach home around
10~11pm, but every feel very contended. Every just can't help wondering, 'After
this awesome dinner, any food tomorrow will probably taste very bland

Feb 4(Saturday),
It's "Man day" in Lunar calendar. Again, woke up late & didn't do much in the
morning. With help from Ah Pui, mum made lunch with the dau dai chong fish & etc.
After that, we decided that mum should not miss China Town. And so we went to
China Town for some photo shooting & bought some slacks for sister & father & some
shirt for mum also. Couldn't find those knee-length short pants for brother.
Nearer to 5pm, we took off & went to CarreFour also, surprisingly, there weren't
much good deal at CarreFour, probably because the CNY sales is just over. Didn't
buy anything & proceeded to the fountain terrace to wait for Wai Kuan, Mei Kuan
& her boyfriend. The queue at the 'The Mouth Restaurant' is awefully long.
Supposedly, it's a birthday for everyone & many people will have long dinner at
restaurant. While most people have seated, none of the bigger table are available
for 7 people. We waited from 7.20pm till 8.20pm before getting a table. The 'Sam
Sui Chicken' is not bad & took more photo of mum & dad; mum & wai kuan, mum &
Mei Kuan & etc. It's well over 10.30pm when we left Suntec City. Before we left,
grap one more t-shirt for brother still. Went home & do some last minute packing
& stuff.

Feb 5(Sunday),
Had some simple breakfast across the road & sent mum & dad straight to Keitchener
road to board the bus at 88. Amazingly, there were no jam whatsoever & they reached
home at 5pm+.

End of Mum & Dad's Singapore trip 2006.